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I have found Knitting to be a great therapy and wonderful for stress relief ... life is never dull, and more often hectic and crazy :), being able to pull my knitting out of its bag and even do one or two rows really helps me to refocus and recenter.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I'll have to say though the best way to learn to knit is definitely dishcloths! There are books, pamphlets, and if you search online there are innumerable sites with free dishcloth patterns of various difficulties. I'll have to say though my very favorite - and by FAR the simplest, quickest, most straightforward pattern I've EVER seen is the "Grandmother's Dishcloth" pattern. I did several of this simple knitted dishcloth in cotton using a pair of #8 (US) needles to re-acquaint myself with knitting, in the new way (continental) ... the following pattern is found in various places online - as well as shared below for your enjoyment; the first time I did this pattern was almost 15 years ago off an often-folded, yellowing, typewriter written sheet given to my mom:

Grandmother's Dishcloth
  1. CO 4
  2. K 2, YO, K2, turn
  3. K2, YO, K to end*
  4. *repeat #3 until there are 44 stitches on the needle
  5. K1, K2Tog, YO, K2Tog, K to end*
  6. *repeat #5 until there are 5 stitches remaining on needle, turn
  7. K4
  8. BO
Knit the dishcloth in 100# cotton (dishcloth cotton, I've found cones of this cotton at 'The Wall-Mart' regularly). One ball of Lion Brand Cotton makes 2 dishcloths, the cones make ... 50+? I can't remember, but it is a LOT of dishcloths!
Anyhow, whether you're just starting to knit or if you've been a knitting fool for years make some for your own use, or as gifts!!

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