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I have found Knitting to be a great therapy and wonderful for stress relief ... life is never dull, and more often hectic and crazy :), being able to pull my knitting out of its bag and even do one or two rows really helps me to refocus and recenter.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Fall/Winter Holiday Seaons has begun!

Ah, the bustle of cleaning, cooking, and general hum of friends, football, fall, and family. I do so much enjoy the holiday season! I am THIRLLED to be able to join our families this year, it has been a long time since we've been able to join them for the holiday insanity! Why insanity? HALF of my side of the family is 62+ STRONG! yup, I said 62+ ... nope, not a typo ... the other half of that side is in the 70's somewhere. My DH's side of the family is far smaller, unless you include the church that he grew up in, then you get in to the double-digit numbers!!

It is truly a blessing to be able to join our families for this Thanksgiving. LAST year we were in FL, joining our neighbors for a lovely fried turkey. They were kind enough to include us in many of their celebrations and holiday gatherings and I don't think I ever adequately thanked them for their generosity or kindness.

THIS year we have the opportunity to eat until we explode! :) ... yeah, well, I'm going to have to behave ;) I've done so well so far, I don't want to undo the weight-loss thus far!

My contribution(s) to the feast? Chocolate Mousse pie (silky smooth, incredibly rich, decadent, and sooooo simple!) and buttery, soft Croissants. They're all finished, now they just need to be added to the pile that is joining us on the trip that will officially begin Thanksgiving!

I'll post recipes later ... for now I have to finish getting ready, and finish up some things around here before we have to get going!

and May the Lord above Bless you and Keep you!!


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